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Gopher: pyme

 *   Pyme is, for the most part, a direct interface to the C GPGME
 *   library. However, it is re-packaged in a more Pythonic way --
 *   object-oriented with classes and modules. Take a look at the classes
 *   defined here -- they correspond directly to certain object types in GPGME
 *   for C.
 *   PyME is no longer maintained. I do not answer questions about it
 *   any longer. Feel free to use this code under the terms of its license,
 *   but there is *NO* support.
 *  New Home of PyMe, now being maintained again!
 *  Historic PyMe information:
 *  ChangeLog (brief)
 *  ChangeLog (detailed)
 *  GPGME Manual
 *  Live Source Tree
 *  The Pyme Manual
 *  oldgopher-menu
 *  pyme_0.5.1.tar.gzoctet-stream
 *  python-pyme-doc_0.5.1_allvnd.debian.binary-package
 *  python-pyme_0.5.1_allvnd.debian.binary-package
 *  python2.2-pyme_0.5.0_i386vnd.debian.binary-package
 *  python2.2-pyme_0.5.1_powerpcvnd.debian.binary-package
 *  python2.3-pyme_0.5.0_i386vnd.debian.binary-package
 *  python2.3-pyme_0.5.1_powerpcvnd.debian.binary-package

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