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Gopher: servers

 *  Aerv.nl
 *  Dark Side Of The Net
 *  Floodgap.Com -- featuring a Gopherspace search engine
 *  Gopher Jewels 2 from JumpJet Gopher
 *  Hal3000.cx
 *  Heatdeath.Org
 *  Heavything.Com
 *  Ocean State Free-Net Gopher
 *  Quux.Org/GopherProject.Org Gopher Archive
 *  SDF Public Access UNIX
 *  SDF offers gopher hosting as well!
 *  Simple Machines
 *  Whole Earth 'Lectronic Links
 *  Zedah.Org
 *  shamrockshire.yi.org
 *  xn--ortsvernderlich-6kb.de

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