FAFO-reports on research in Middle East societies

FAFO (the Norwegian Institute for Applied Social Science) publishes reports on research on a wide variety of subjects. The following is a list of reports from research in societis in the Middle East. They may be ordered from FAFO


177 Signe Gilen m.fl.
Finding Ways
Palestinian Coping Strategies in Changing Environments

176 Lena C. Endresen and Geir Øvensen
The Potential of UNRWA-Data for Research on Palestinian Refugees
A Study of UNRWA Administrative Data

166 Geir Øvensen
Responding to change
Trends in Palestinian household economy

151 Marianne Heiberg and Geir Øvensen et.al.
Palestinian Society
in Gaza, West Bank and Arab Jerusalem. A Survey of Living Conditions

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