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Gopher: NET.wanted

 *  A tar that recovers from tape errorsplain
 *  BASIC-PLUS for 4.?BSDplain
 *  Better Unix tape tools neededplain
 *  C compiler validation?plain
 *  Chopped ATARI 800plain
 *  DQS11 Driver for 4.1bsd?plain
 *  Full-screen Word Processor (> editor)plain
 *  Need Piano Tuner Summit NJ Areaplain
 *  RJE on UNIX wantedplain
 *  S driver for XEROX Diabloplain
 *  S package on 11/70'splain
 *  Tar that handles tape errorsplain
 *  Zapped tar tapesplain
 *  Zapped tar tapesplain
 *  modemsplain
 *  re: Zapped tar tapesplain
 *  vt52 emulator needed for TRS-80 Model IIplain

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