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Gopher: NET.records

 *  A Music Reportplain
 *  A Positive Reactionplain
 *  A record club that is actually worthwhileplain
 *  Billy Cobham, live and wellplain
 *  Billy Cobham, live and wellplain
 *  Bob Marleyplain
 *  Chicagoland used recordstoreplain
 *  Freebiesplain
 *  How about .... net.records bin doc msg new rbc rjeplain
 *  I get my records at...plain
 *  Just what this newsgroup needs!plain
 *  New "Big Band" type albumplain
 *  Queryplain
 *  Re: Just what this newsgroup needs!plain
 *  Re: Rather Ripped Recordsplain
 *  Re: Record Club of Americaplain
 *  Re: freebies: no free lunchplain
 *  Re: freebies: no free lunchplain
 *  Re: hocda.105: How about .... net.records bin doc msg new rbplain
 *  Re: record reviewsplain
 *  Record Club of Americaplain
 *  VOICE Pazz & Jop Critics' Pollplain
 *  conception corporationplain
 *  freebies: no free lunchplain
 *  hi there, net.records!plain
 *  record clubsplain
 *  record reviewsplain

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