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Gopher: NET.news.newsite

 *  Announcing new site scs23plain
 *  Announcing new site slinacplain
 *  CSRG at Torontoplain
 *  Hello world\nplain
 *  MCNC on Usenetplain
 *  New Sites on the netplain
 *  New Systemplain
 *  New York University on the airplain
 *  New site cubs45 at Columbia Univ. Biological Sciencesplain
 *  New sites rmas70, rmasvax and rvbplain
 *  Philips joins USENETplain
 *  WHEPS -- Another new siteplain
 *  Yet another new siteplain
 *  Yet another new site on the news networkplain
 *  announcing new site scs40plain
 *  announcing sdaaronplain
 *  another new Toronto siteplain
 *  new Toronto siteplain
 *  new site we53plain
 *  new systemplain
 *  nybcb joins the USENETplain
 *  nybcb joins the USENETplain
 *  qumix news announcementplain
 *  tekid is on the airplain

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