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Gopher: NET.lang.apl

 *  A UNIX APL (repeat msg)plain
 *  APL TTY codesplain
 *  APL expressions over the netplain
 *  APL under the UNIX systemplain
 *  An APL quiz questionplain
 *  Commenting APL codeplain
 *  First Messageplain
 *  First Message Amplifiedplain
 *  Key and Bit pairing problemplain
 *  More on ASCII APLplain
 *  More on quizplain
 *  Quiz timeplain
 *  Re: A UNIX APLplain
 *  Re: APL TTY codesplain
 *  Re: An APL quiz questionplain
 *  Re: First Messageplain
 *  Re: More on ASCII APLplain
 *  Re: Quiz timeplain
 *  Re: Request for self-replicating referenceplain
 *  Re: apl parsingplain
 *  Re: example of self-replicating expressionplain
 *  Re: hp2641a terminal queryplain
 *  Re: replicating revistedplain
 *  Recreational APLplain
 *  Request for self-replicating referenceplain
 *  The hardest part of parsing APLplain
 *  a problem and a solutionplain
 *  apl parsingplain
 *  correction to my last entryplain
 *  correction...plain
 *  example of self-replicating expressionplain
 *  hp2641a terminal queryplain
 *  replicating revistedplain
 *  single elements vs. scalarsplain

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